Scholarships For Moms To Pay Off Student Loans: Best Choices

scholarships for moms already in college

There are scholarships designed for moms in the United States.

For example, there are scholarships for moms who are the leading economic providers of family support. Also several universities offer scholarships for single moms.

It is advisable to talk to the school where you want to study to find out what kind of scholarships they can offer you. A student counselor will be able to guide you and give you information about all available financial supports.

“Beyond the scholarships for moms, what I recommend is that you look for scholarships related to the career you want to study,” recommends Olga Talamante, executive director of Chicana Latina Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers scholarships to students Latinas in the United States.

Talamante says some studies have found that between 30 and 40 percent of scholarships available in the United States are not taken advantage of. “Now with the technology we have at hand it is easier to find all kinds of scholarships,” he adds.

Single mothers have to spend time with their children, run errands and work long hours to support their family. When someone has to hold all that responsibility, going to college may seem like something impossible.

According to Raise the Nation, an association devoted to assisting single mothers who want to continue their studies to find financial help, says that about 38 percent of single mothers live under the insufficiency line and that those with at least one College degree, is five times less likely to be in a desperate financial situation.

With few finances at their disposal, many single mothers are in absolute need of a financial grant. Fortunately, numerous aid providers know that single parents need support if they are paying for school. This is why many scholarships and loans have been shaped specially to aid single mothers to pay for post-secondary education.

By helping these mothers, the providers of these scholarships are making possible for them to have a more protected monetary future and also their children.

The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund.

Eligible candidates for this scholarship have to be unmarried Arkansas resident parents. If you are interested in applying for the Individual Parent Grant, look for your county on the map.

The Jeanette Rankin Foundation Scholarship Program.

Since 1978, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation has awarded scholarships to more than 500 women to go to college. Although this scholarship is not specific to single mothers, applicants can enter the category of financial aid for single women under 35 years or older.

Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation for Low-Income Women and Children.

Established in 2003, the Pinky Takemoto Mink Education Foundation aims to carry out some of Mink’s commitments: access to education, support and opportunities for women with a low income, and educational enrichment for children.

The R.O.S.E. Scholarship.

The R.O.S.E. Provides financial assistance to women survivors of domestic violence who attend colleges and universities in the New England area. Scholarships are awarded primarily to women who have completed a full year of college and will apply to tuition and expenses at any accredited college or university in the northeast.

W.I.P. Change Your World Scholarship.

In March 2007, Doris Buffet, president, and founder, announced a new scholarship program from the Sunshine Lady Foundation for the sons and daughters of Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP) graduates.

The WISP people believe that every student who is capable motivated and willing to work hard must have the opportunity to earn a college degree. These scholarships are for those who show the most significant promise of success, have financial need and have made education their number one priority.

It is not incompatible to be a mother and to study a higher degree. Recently, the U.S. News website published a series of recommendations to encourage the women who have carried their children forward and are at an acceptable age to try their luck in careers that they like.

Some curricula, scholarships, say that the call is open from the age of 25 onwards. Other scholarships do not even cut age.

We present a list of scholarships that may help:

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the University of Phoenix have teamed up to offer a “Moms Fellowship,” which thoroughly funds a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Women can nominate themselves, or their children can choose them without being over the age of 18. The application requires a 400-600 word essay on education goals and how to inspire children, family, and community. Nominations have been closed for the 2014 season, but interested moms should check back in the fall for future opportunities.

For its part, the Patsy Takemoto Mink Educational Foundation offers five scholarships of up to $ 5,000 a year for low-income women who have returned to education or training and have minor children. The application includes an essay on your educational goals and experiences and asks for financial information. The deadline to apply is August 1.

Talbot scholarships support women with an entrepreneurial spirit so they can pursue their dreams and live a fuller and healthier life. The application period starts in November of each year.

Soroptimist is an organization to the empowerment of women. It offers the “Live your dream” program to help women who are the primary source of income for their families. The program supports more than 1,000 women each year.

The Bronx Arts Council offers the Josephine Aguado Scholarship for single mothers pursuing a diploma at CUNY Hostos Community College with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. $ 1,000 scholarships are awarded each year.

The application requires a personal statement and two letters of recommendation. The application deadline ended in March, but the call comes back next spring.

Another option is the Federal Application for Student Aid, especially if you are a single parent or both parents have low incomes. June 30 is the deadline for applying for aid each year.

There are also scholarships for Latina women:

Red Leadership Latina.

Women attending California universities can apply for scholarships from the Latino Leadership Network. Each year, the organization rewards ten scholarships, each worth 500, for women to study at the university levels of the community.

Candidates must complete at least 24-course units, have a minimum of 2.5 GPA and have a Latin American father or two who are half Latin American. The scholarship application requires two letters of recommendation, a written statement, and an academic record.

Students will be evaluated on their academic achievements and support for their community.