The Influential Factors of Trading in Forex Marketplace

How to start trading career

The Forex Market is becoming a reliable and dependable marketplace day by day.

This is the biggest market considering the amount of daily exchanges. Over 24 trillion dollars are exchanged daily. But why this is fit for normal people like you and me? This article will clarify the reasons of choosing a Forex for trading. Let’s enter into the discussion.

Each Forex beginner knows the main purpose of the Forex financial market, is to involve the trading of different international currencies to obtain the benefits of fluctuations that occur within the limits of the exchange rates between two international currencies that form a pair , A trader decides to buy or sell by earning money from such transactions.

It is not surprising that the Forex market moves so quickly and frequently because of the high volatility in the exchange rates of some currency pairs that occur all the time due to a number of reasons. These reasons make Forex trading very inconsistent and vulnerable which means that you can either make a lot of money or lose it all at once simply because of the unexpected changes that affect the open trades and cause wrong decisions that a trader can make.

If you want to keep your balance in the positive and not negative regardless of the strategies you have and the passionate desires to be profitable we recommend following the answers to the main question of this article.

1) News and Economic and Political Reports.

The most obvious factors that can have an impact on your trading positions are economic news in relation to the global currency market. When a country – of the currency you chose as the base or principal in your currency pair – releases the latest economic news these updates can have a positive or negative impact on the exchange rates in general and on their particular open transactions.

This factor must first of all be taken into account when starting to plan your own trading strategy. The uncertainties and the latest political news that a country releases.

2) Housing information.

That kind of information should be considered. What does housing information mean? For example, each month the United States of America releases information regarding houses that are under contract and sold. You should also find information on how many houses were built each month. Using such a strong indicator you can find out if a country’s economy is stable or not. If a country’s real estate market is good, you can assume that the economic situation of a country is good as well.

3) Interest Rates.

Maybe you are the ones that you think is unimportant, but in fact, interest rates around the world provide a great impact on the currency market fluctuations, as they mainly influence the values ​​of currencies. For example, in the USA. The Federal Reserve’s announcement offers certain fixed interest rates on bank loans.

And if they announce a change in interest rates this fact affects the currency of value (in this particular case – USD). As a result, changes in the value of a currency can cause changes in the currency pairs that have this currency.

To conclude, we must say that these are the most obvious and important factors that influence the foreign exchange market and the fluctuations of exchange rates. A lot of other factors not so important but that still continue to impact in the Forex should also be considered.

The exchange rate in the Forex market is the number of units of the secondary currency that are necessary to buy a unit of the base currency. For example, in the EUR / USD pair, the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar indicates how many US dollars we need to buy one euro.

The determination of the exchange rate between currencies, as with other financial assets, is based on the relationship between supply and demand. The supply and demand of foreign exchange is closely linked to the country’s imports and exports of each currency and therefore has a key role in international trade and the economic situation of each country. Governments and central banks can intervene through measures that affect these exchange rates according to their monetary policy.

A currency with a high exchange rate will make the country’s exports more expensive while imports will be cheaper. On the contrary, a low exchange rate will facilitate the country’s exports while increasing imports.

A Little Investment

How to start trading career

Over 24 trillion dollars are exchanged daily.

The first thing is your capital. Before you are going to start any business, investment is surely a contributory fact. The NYSE is the biggest stock market in the world and you may not have the eligibility to enroll in there. Because a total amount of 10000 dollars will be needed. Most of us do not have this amount of balance in our bank account.

The Forex market has a few prerequisites. You can start your career, even with investing one dollar. The strategy differs from one to another in investing. But in the end every one of them will cost you a little in investment. If you want to start without the risk of loss, the Forex market is the best option available for you.

Learning Forex is Easier than Observing Charts

Forex market is spreading all over the world. There was a time when people went to the stock markets to be a broker or trader. But these days have gone far from the present situation. You will need a personal computer along with internet connection. But the most important thing is common sense in the Forex market. The reason is that trading is sometimes difficult and will make you greedy. There are a lot of Forex traders who can help you in this field of trading. This is not possible in any share market. So, you can learn Forex trading more efficiently and easily.


When you are not around and not connected, your money will not face any loss. On the other hand, you can just set a limit of loss and profit of pips. A single pip cannot make you reach. But a little loss can alarm you about the upcoming trading in the market. So, the money always stays with you and there is no chance of losing it without your consciousness.

The last thing you should know about the Forex market is its flexibility. The uses are really friendly for anyone. So, I wish you the best of luck with your trading career.