Consolidated Credit: Reviews, Our Better Advice

reviews about consolidated credit

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services is a non-profit organization that offers debt and housing counseling as well as some other services.

This company claims it provides with debt, credit, and financial advice, as well as housing counseling and debt education.

Their primary target is to help people to improve their budget, reduce their debts, and even avoid foreclosure.

Consolidated Credit also seeks to teach those who are struggling with their debts about reverse mortgages and ways to purchase a new home.

They have been helping millions of people for over 20 years to find the debt relief they may require depending on their financial situation.


Clients of this company have mostly positive experiences when it comes to the way Consolidated Credit help them to get out of debt.

More often than not, people express their surprise at the fact it takes only 3-4 years to pay all the money they owe while getting friendly, professional, and quick customer service.

One client from the State of Washington praise the company not only the financial help but also for teaching her how to live within her means, that is how to get most costs within the range of her income.

Some people even notice how this company doesn’t just help debtors to get out of debt; they also help their clients to learn how to live their lives free from debt.

Unlike creditors, who couldn’t care less about debtors’ financial situation, Consolidated Credit helps people to deal with their debts by negotiating better interest rates and setting up payment plans according to the budget of the clients.

Another client from Puerto Rico stated that Consolidated Credit managed to lower the interests of her credit cards and never assigned penalties when someone fails to pay in time.

Some customers even stated that the services this company offers far exceed what many other similar programs claim they can give.

Others find surprising how fast their debts decline and how the balances gradually go down.

Many of the most positive reviews about Consolidated Credits focus on how polite and friendly their staff is with the customers.

One client from North Carolina described his counselor as someone “knowledgeable, professional, personable, and very easy to talk to.” He claimed he would recommend her to anyone with financial issues.

Another customer from Massachusetts stated his counselor was “very patient, cooperative and friendly. She helped by educating [him] about this program.”

Many others, when explaining their experiences, describe how the counselors always provided clear answers to nearly any given question or doubt.

One client from Pennsylvania even highlights the “outstanding [Public Relationships] skills that the counselors use on the phone” while recommending this company’s debt relief services.

Some people recognize that the debt management program offered by this organization helps to increase the credit score and, in several cases, it prevents people from having to file bankruptcy.

However, not every experience with this company goas as people would desire.

Some of the less positive reviews revolve around some conflicts between creditors and Consolidated Credit.

According to some people, during the time Consolidated Credit tries to negotiate with creditors, the company charges fees even if they still haven’t reached an agreement on the client’s behalf.

A client of New Jersey went as far as to claim that this organization was “taking money from [her] account and [was] not paying [her] credit card bills every month.”

Another customer who praised the service and admitted the company helped to reduce credit card debts, also presented a legitimate complaint.

Sometimes when Consolidated Credit takes money from a client to transfer it to the creditors, it takes a significant amount of time to process such a payment.

Even people who admit the debt management program offered by this organization works may say that any potential should beware of the “extra cost” as Consolidated Credit charge a $5 fee for drafting money out of an account.

Some clients complained about Consolidated Credit failing to make agreements with all creditors involved in their particular cases, which led to falling short of minimum payments and lower credit scores.


Many people offer favorable reviews about Consolidated Credit, its debt management program, as well as other of the services this organization provides.

But as good as the service is, just like many other companies Consolidated Credit is not perfect.

Some members of their staff may come off as rude and unhelpful. And some delays could occur when it comes to payments.

But overall, given the numerous and highly positive views Consolidated Credit received, some could logically conclude this organization does its job by helping people to get out of debt.

Whether or not the program works or the customer support is helpful in someone’s particular case is up to that person to evaluate when requesting Consolidated Credit’s assistance.