Is It Possible to File Your Own Bankruptcy?

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Bankruptcy is a curse of the new generation of creditors.

How To File Your Own Bankruptcy

The United States government has a suitable law for you.

The unbearable burden of debts makes a person to file bankruptcy. In some cases, the victim cannot afford much money to hire an attorney for himself. Do-it-yourself process is a procedure for them. This is the complete process to have a smooth way with the case. It is also popular among the victims of bankruptcy. To solve cases, payee has to pay minimum $2000 to the bankruptcy lawyer. If you want to avoid the amount, all you need is to be brave for practicing your own bankruptcy case.

A high payment plan of the attorneys will discourage anyone with the filing procedure. You may say that searching over the internet is an affordable option for filing this up. But many of the suggestion and procedures are scam. As you have a little money to spend and a lot of time to practice, it is the best way to do it on your own. At least give it a try.

A bankruptcy is a legal situation in which a company or institution can not cope with what it must perform (liability liabilities), so they are higher than their available economic resources.

The natural and legal person who is in the state of bankruptcy is denominated bankrupt. When the unsuccessful is declared bankrupt in the state of bankruptcy, the lawsuit is a bankruptcy suit or insolvency proceedings, in which is the examination and the debtor can deal part of the debt with his estate and pending payment obligations.


It is a situation of general insolvency, which differentiates it from the mere cessation of payments.

It is a permanent insolvency situation in time.

It is a situation of insolvency susceptible of being objectively appraised through facts indicted of bankruptcy.

It is a situation of insolvency of such magnitude that it becomes insurmountable for the debtor.


VOLUNTARY: In any institution other than a municipal or financial institution can initiate a petition for bankruptcy. Insolvency is not necessary to formally initiate voluntary bankruptcy, nor does the company have to have incurred in one of the bankruptcy legal acts.

INVOLUNTARY: The involuntary bankruptcy is initiated by a stranger, usually a creditor.


The unsuccessful person is left unmanaged to manage his assets, said administration passes to a third party called a syndic.

Outstanding overdue credits become due and immediately payable.

The rights of the creditors are fixed, that is, they can not improve their situation after the declaration of bankruptcy.

All pending judgments against the debtor are filed against the judge who is aware of the bankruptcy.

Creditors lose the right to individually execute the failed debtor.


A company that has been legally declared Liquidation involves the sale of all the assets of the company to satisfy the creditors with the acquired income, according to certain priorities (the creditors have preference over the shareholders). In bankruptcy voluntarily or involuntarily, incurring In one of the acts of bankruptcy may be liquidated.

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that takes place in a federal court in which a person with debts (known as the debtor or debtor) can be relieved of most of their debts. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you in the process of filing bankruptcy filings.

You should not skip any of the steps, as each step is essential to the entire process. Although, after you have followed all the steps, you should check with a bankruptcy court to make sure you have all the necessary documents as the requirements may change over time.

If you do not have assets (a non-taxable property such as a second car, a second home or new appliances) you are on trial. This means that even if the person or entity you owe to you gets a lawsuit against you for the amount you owe, they have nothing to take away from you as a backup of the debt you have or to satisfy the Trial against you. Therefore, you can ignore the ones you owe and do not pay.

This is not a good option for people who are temporarily unemployed or who are going to inherit or acquire a valuable asset, since once the payment or the good begins, the creditor can reinforce the judgment against him or her. Oblige him to pay or to take away what he has recently acquired or inherited.

These debts will be recorded in your credit report for a period of up to seven years. The fact that you have gone through bankruptcy can not be registered for more than 10 years.

Additionally, you will want to consider what amount of your debt can be included in the bankruptcy. Credit Card Debt, Medical Receipts, and Business Related Expenses are usually included in this. Although, student debts, taxes, child support generally can not be included.

If you only have secured debts, collateral backed by a loan that the creditor can repossess, then bankruptcy is not a good option. It would be much better to try to negotiate with the creditor for a modified payment plan.

The United States government has a suitable law for you.

For representing, you can use your own profile. To file the bankruptcy, the law will allow you to proceed yourself in the court. Starting from 1990, the process is getting more and more popular. Keeping pace with the generational speed, the online based help desk is rising to help you with do-it-yourself program. The day is not far when the websites will introduce an affordable plan for filing bankruptcy in the court.

The main problem appears with the justification of legality.

Some people cannot understand everything and it creates a confusion in their mind. Hiring or consulting a paralegal is also not recommended. A paralegal is a starter, but cannot continue till the case ends up. To attend the 341, the person will have to make a good preparation.

The trustees often ask about the reliability of the petition. They can even go further with another practitioner. Though there is a versatility of cases, it is not wise to file your bankruptcy by yourself. The codes may behave in other manners. As they are constant, the rigidity can create an obstacle in the path. Comparing the cost of hiring a lawyer and do-it-yourself, first one is smaller in the long run.

If your creditors allow you to do so, it will be easier for you. Otherwise, consult with a regular lawyer or attorney for elaborate procedure.


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